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Sunday, January 10, 2010

One way of a pilgrim..

Yesterday we went to St. Peter's and I was quiet impressed with the sights.  It had been a long time and many changes since I had last been here.  My memory flooded back to the ground that our pilgrimmage group left at the base of where the life-sized Nativity scene was erected.  I remembered Mass at the tomb of St. Peter and now the sounds were similiar but have taken on a new and deeper meaning.  Then I came praying, asking what I was do to with my life...What was God asking of me?.  Today, I prayed the same prayer but as a Benedictine Sister knowing that my life was committed to serve God and others in a more profound way.  I was now here with other Benedictines, in prayerful communion, to learn what St. Benedict was asking me to the country and place where he had lived.  Yes, I was a pilgrim again, but with a different mission. This time I was asking, listening and trying to live the way of Benedict in serving God.  I had answered God's call for my life as others have that are with me.  It was a great feeling....a great journey continues.....

We have a day of class and reflection today so I will leave you with just this little blurb.  I was quiet moved yesterday by my feelings of being here once again...this time though.....I am Sister John Paul .....a Benedictine Sister from St. Joseph Monastery, St. Marys, Pennsylvania.  

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  1. My friend Fr. Alban suggested I look at you blog and how lovely it is to see it. What fun pictures really captures the joy!!!! I'll be looking regularly to keep track of how it going!!!! Oh by the way I am an oblate at Douai too! with much prayers ANNE ISHIKAWA