The Monastic Mirror


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Morning to everyone.   I wanted to show you what awaits us every morning for breakfast.

First there is always a bowl of fresh fruit.  There is apples, pears, oranges and tangerines.  We are blest to have this at all of our meals...What a treat ....

There is also a platter of meat and cheese for breakfast....if you look closely, there is even pepperoni.  The variety of cheeses is awesome.  I have not yet become accustomed to having bologna for breakfast though.

These lovely rolls are so good...put apple butter or jam with some butter and .....well...I hope I perked you appetite...

Have a Blessed Day....
Sr. John Paul, O.S.B.


  1. How yummy Those roll look amazing!

  2. I remember those yummy breakfasts when I attended the Rome Renewal several years ago. I hope you are having a terrific time! I loved those rolls. Hard on the outside and soft on the inside! Thanks for the reminder! Happy National Vocation Awareness Week!

  3. Okay, bologna for breakfast is like heaven to me! I am a bologna freak! How lucky you are!