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Monday, January 11, 2010

If today you hear his voice.....

If today you here his voice...harden not your hearts.(Rule of Benedict)

Last evening we had a power point presentation on Solidarity of  the Southern Sudan by Sister Patricia Murray( Sisters of Loretto).  Two years ago, it was presented by the College of Bishops that there be a presence in Sudan of Religious after the Peace Treaty had been signed.  This Sister....heard the voice...and has answered whole heartedly.  She first finished her Doctorate, studying all she could about the Sudanese people, tribes, government, land, etc. in Lisle, Illinois.  Then following the promptings of the Spirit...she has developed this paridymn for religious that could take our lives in a wonderful new direction.  To hear her speak, one senses that she is on a spiritual journey that only those who hear the summons can follow.  She has a love for these people...a deep affection to not impose but to help them grow.  When this was first started...she said all she did was listen for one year to their stories....they wanted to be heard. What a beautiful beginning.  To just spend time listening to others let others be heard.  So I ask for your prayers for this organization and the people of the Southern Sudan....Today....stop and you hear His voice?  Do you hear his voice or has your heart been hardened?  Are you indifferent to the plight of those less fortunate?  Meditate on this....are you being asked to move outside your comfort help another...

Blessings to all,
Sister John Paul, O.S.B.

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