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Monday, January 4, 2010

Be a new Magi

It will be the Epiphany of our Lord Wednesday in Rome.  We Americans celebrated this past Sunday but I wanted to share the flavor of Rome with you and how this house will celebrate. 

First, the infants or Nativity Set is very plain and simple.  It includes the infant in a crib but no Blessed Mother, Saint Joseph or Animals.  The traditional manger scene is noticably absent within the convent and surrounding locales. 

In fact on Wednesday, the town will close and they will parade around with just the infant...indeed it is the celebration as it was probably intended long ago.  It is a time to see the bring gifts to the spend time with God.  You see the Magi traveled two years just to spend a short time with the Infant God.  They searched for Him under the stars with the threat of death....I wonder how many of us would search for God under these circumstances.  You see, Herod, in anger was killing all male infants under two years of age.  Sound familiar....we are killing young infants as well...either by abortion, birth control or by not caring enough to immunize, feed or care for these voice less little ones.  Are we like Herod...angry, blaming an innocent child for our troubles.  Well enough of me preaching...On Wednesday, the infants here will be honored, paraded and given gifts in commeration of the Epiphany of our Lord, 2010.  Be a new kind of Magi this year and seek God out....spend some time with the Lord.
God Bless from Rome.
Sr. John Paul

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