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Thursday, September 23, 2010

To the Grape Arbor we go...

Yesterday, Sister Jacinta, Patty and I went on a journey to Erie, PA to pick grapes.  It started out as just a normal adventure into the heart of grape country which usually takes us 3 hours driving to arrive at our destination.....well....half way  during the trip we started to come upon these wonderful detour signs....and our journey became a scenic tour of all of northeastern Pennsylvania.  Detour signs upon detour signs led us over 100 miles out of our way...just when we thought we had arrived at our familiar destination........oh no.....another detour sign...
This was like a road trip out of Alice and Wonderland...except that we say more detour signs than we did anything else.....

We just wanted to get to Northeast and pick grapes except that these detours took us to farms......farms.....pastures....and then back again.....The real question was...would we ever get to the orchard.....Then...we arrived at this

 Sceiford farms in Northeast.  This farm is absolutely breath taking with rows and rows of beautiful grapes, cherry, peach and apple trees.....

We where greeted by the family who is always so helpful and gracious.....and went to work picking grapes for the winter.....we can them for juice.                                                          
As you can see the grapes are beautiful.....they are a deep blue, sweet and have an aroma that fills the air.

After two hours of picking we weighed out lot.....and set out on our journey home.....the adventure of the detour signs was awaiting who knew when we would get home....

I want to especially thank the people at Sceiford Farm.....your produce is delicious and I look forward to picking cherries, peaches, apples and grapes once again.....Thank you!!!

P.S....The Detour sign people do not get a star on their rug....uh


  1. Beautiful pictures. I LOVE Concord grapes. My Grandmother Werner used to have an arbor loaded with them in her yard on Evers Ave. in St. Marys. Concord grapes always make me think of her. Thanks.

  2. Grapes are so yummy! Thank you for sharing this sweet bit of your day!