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Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

Largest Press in the World delivered to our town.
Today is Labor Day, one of the many holidays we celebrate with a day off....but for me...this is one of my favorites....and one of God's too.  In the is cited in 627 verses and labor in 123 verses.  It is a "pay attention" word for us in our daily lives.  You see, each of us has to labor or work, whether it is for economics, physical well being or the spiritual wellness of each of us.  Often we are defined by what we labor at...such as carpenter, mechanic, nurse, farmer, is what we do that often gives us meaning.......

Psalm 127:1 Without God, any human endeavor is destined to fail.  When God builds something it is guaranteed to last.

How often to we seek God's blessing before, after, or during work?  Do we just go about it without the help of the Holy Spirit who would add so much to our end result...?   Do we take the creative juices and freedom out of our lives because "we" want to do it...instead of doing it for the Glory of God?

This labor day...try and put prayer with your work....make all you do a labor of love...not a disaster in the making....for St. Paul tells Timothy, "Labor and strive to fully put our hope in God"  Give it a try this will be surprised by the results......

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