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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Our trip to Norcia

This morning bright and early we all got on a bus in the rain to head for the land of Saints' Benedict and Scholastica.  The rain turned to snow......but then to sun shine.  It was a glorious day to view where our history all began.  The bus went out of Rome and traveled around two hours up and through mountains until about 3km from the city of Norcia, we arrived a a cemetery and old chapel and farm.  This spot is said to be the house that belonged to the parents of the two saints and is considered the cradle of Benedictine women monastics. 

This is Sister Jaya standing next to the statue of St. Scholastica in the house of her parents.

This is one of the many fresco's that were only discovered after a restoration project was started.  This project that was begun in 1977 found a cycle of fresco's of the Life of Benedict dating back from the 15th century.  Many panels of the cycle remain hidden under the plasters and arches, but some have been restored.   Unfortunately, the last earthquake has done tremendous damage to this old farm house and it will take nearly 200 million euro to restore it.  To many of us, this is the spot where monastic life started for women. 

Tomorrow, I will post about the actual town of Norcia, the church of S. Benedetto and show you the birthplace of Benedict and Scholastica.  Until then, God Bless.

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