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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miracles...even at a party....

I was reminded today that miracles even happen at a party.  We seldom think of this miracle of Christ at the wedding of Cana in this way but it was a party, a celebration of new life.  This miracle may seem on the surface to be in response to a potentially embarassing situation...think of the families, the guests, the bride and groom.  The day would not have been remembered for the beauty of their union but for the lack of planning.  Jesus, in his first miracle, shows that even this type of injury or hurt is not so we have a miracle at a party...

How many miracles do we miss in the everyday?

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  1. miracles do happen. A living example is that a friend of mine in Rome (another one not Fr. Alban!)knows I am a prayer warrior ie I pray for everything asked me to pray for one of his friend that had all bar one family member in Haiti I just stopped and prayed hard. The following day the friend was on-line again and I asked how his friend was doing he made contact with his family I do not know much details but they are alive but lost everything. Thats a miracle of prayer and faith in that my friend had the courage to ask me to pray for his friend family and God honoured that prayer GOD IS GOD please pray for their protection and safety and peace