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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year, 2010

Most people are trying to keep the resolutions that they made last night.  I always found it frustrating to make these without first praying about what God may be asking me to do for the year ahead.  If I didn't pray about them, I almost always broke them.   I say this while I am driving to the airport for my flight to Rome, Italy.  Yes, my New Year is going to be spent traveling.  I am on my way to Rome to attend the Intensive Study on the Holy Rule of St. Benedict given by Sister Acquinata Bockman, O.S.B.

For the next two months, I along with 25 others will be immersed into this wonderful Rule.  It will be a journey of the mind, soul and heart.  What a gift!

You see, this Rule is what I follow, as a Benedictine Sister.  It is our instruction book of sorts,  from St. Benedict on how to live this monastic life.  It covers the simple arrangements of sleeping, to the praying of the psalms and the hour to pray them.  It tells me what to take on a journey, how to greet a stranger but most importantly to listen.  Not just to listen with my ears...but with the 'ear of my heart'.  So my New Year is starting with an adventure of sorts as I live the next two months with other Benedictines learning all I can about this wonderful Rule.

Please keep tuned in as I hope to update this blog on a regular basis as I immerse myself where our founder started...Italy.  I ask for your prayers as well, for I know this is a blessing and I so want to get the most of this opportunity.  Come Holy Spirit....give me wisdom, knowledge and courage.  Well for now I leave you as I make my way with the help of 'planes, trains and automobiles'.

To be continued.............Blessings
Sr. John Paul O.S.B.

P.S.  I am posting this early as I am going to Holy Hour for the New Year....Happy 2010 to all.

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