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Monday, October 12, 2009

Benedictine Vocation Directors Conference

A picture of the 40 or so Benedictine Vocations Directors who participated in this wonderful experience. We spent a week together exchanging information and listening to wonderful speakers regarding Vocation Ministry. One outstanding speaker, who shared with us her prophetic vision of Monasticism as Radical Christianity, was Sr. Joan Chittister, O.S.B. Everyone was came away with a renewed appreciation and a challenge of how are lives can influence the world if we are true to our Monastic way of life.
Pictured with Sister Joan, is Sister Mary Katherine (St. Ben's), Brother Paul Vincent (St. John's) and Sr. Vicki (Bristow) who were gracious enough to host this awesome event. From the bottom of my heart, I thank this wonderful team.

This is Brother Martin de Porres from Marmion Abbey (left photo) who is also in Vocation Ministry. He was delightful and we enjoyed the wealth of information provided to us.


  1. Hi Sister John Paul -

    I like your blog. I read a book by Sr. Joan Chittester (Wisdom distilled from the Daily) and enjoyed it very much. I've loaned it out so many times I have no idea who has it now...

    Last Friday night we watched "The Sound of Music" for our family movie night and now my six year old - who will receive her First Holy Communion this Saturday - says she wants to be a sister. Perhaps sometime when we're in St. Marys you could give her a tour of the convent?

  2. Gretchen, I would love to show them my home. Just call whenever your in town.