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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Tribute to a Sister....

I, along with many St. Marys students, met Sr. Denise in the classroom at Queen of the World School.  She taught 4th and 6th grade and even High School for us.  She taught us not just the normal curriculum but how to love and to live.  She was a Novice when we first met, and she took the mystique out of what a religious sister was.....she made it something very real to all of us.  The picture says how much she loved to sing, dance and praise God by being.....she embodied what it means to live life to its fullest........

For over 7 years she did Missionary work in Ethiopia and Tanzania.....she brought the same energy and love to people where ever she fact...many places of the world are better for having met her.

Sister Denise, I will always remember your many gifts you gave me....and when we meet again, I hope to say, "Seme qui".....It is I....I have not forgotten this since you taught it to me in 4th grade.  Dance with the angels my dear Sister......I will miss you but know you are near....

Eternal Rest Grant unto Her Oh Lord........

The Benedictine Sisters of Elk County continue to pray for our fellow Benedictine Sisters of Bristow, Virginia and for Sister Charlotte and Sister Connie, that our ever loving God will continue to heal, care and console them.


  1. I feel grateful to those that have posted tributes to the loving memory of Sister Denise Mosier. I like this one best for several reasons... 1st you show how this remarkable person lived without concentrating on the details of the tragety of her passing. This devout servant of God and our Lord's teachings (and example) of love and kindness is what she dedicated her life to. 2nd, You have pictures of Sr Denise from the time I met her in 6th grade. That was around 1966 and 67 when she taught the 5th or 6th grade girls at Sacred Heart in St Marys. My teacher was Sr Mary David who was and is also a very fine teacher and person. Something was very different about Sr Denise from the other nuns that I had known up to this point. She had an aura about her and when she spoke with you it seemed that you were the only person in the universe at that moment. She was VERY outgoing and we became good friends. She was a friend to all the kids and made each person (of any age) feel that they were very special. I never saw her discipline any student because all the kids hung on her every word. She made learning fun. I really think she was a rebel in the respect that she one of the 1st Benedictine Nuns (that I know of) to take away the mystery and show that nuns are people too! The underlying theme to her teaching and life was L-O-V-E. We will all miss her but we can take comfort in knowing that she is with God now and try to do our best to try to live by her example.

  2. I never had Sister Denise as a teacher but I remember her as a warm, lovely person. May she rest in peace.