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Friday, July 9, 2010

A New Look .....

It was the hottest week of the summer but Kevin, Luke, Mary and Gabriel Kraus along with Maura Keyes and Carley Schneider....plugged away tirelessly to repaint the fence that surrounds our property.  With rollers, brushes, liquids and old clothes...they painted every morning for over a week.  The chain fence was transformed from rust to an "evergreen" green once again...

Many people do not see what a gift these young men and women are....but their willingness to help give of their time, and energy so wonderful.....they are our future and with hearts like these....we are in very good hands!

The Benedictine Sisters want to thank all who graciously gave of their time and energy to beautify our home....words are so inadequate...but you are in our prayers.

A big Thank You goes out to Dick Wolfe, John Hacket and Paul Shade who without their support this would not have been possible..(they are a bit camera shy)..Thank You!!!!  

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