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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This is my the graduation of her granddaughter, my niece last year.  Please bear with me as I tell you about this remarkable woman.  My mom, will be married 60 years this summer to my father on the right.  He is a great guy too...but my mom is a saint...I know, a lot of people think their mom's are saints...but I really think mine is.  First of all....she lives by the saying, "You never have to be sorry for things you don't say".  She has never to my knowledge said an unkind word about anyone.  She is a perfectionist and if you open her junk drawer it is as neat and orderly as any other drawer. When we were little, every Sunday we would have homemade sugar cookies, pie or something made with the love of her hands.  She wasn't  a soccer mom who sat and watched all out games but instead she encouraged us to do things she only dreamed of.  She worked at the local elementary school as a secretary for 30 years.... She never went to college for she graduated at 17 and in those days you had to be 18 to start school.....but she made sure each of my two brothers and myself had an education.    No matter what time we came in...she was waiting to here about our crazy episodes of growing up...the coffee pot in our house runs 24-7  .... it is not Motel 7 but the light is always on and you are always welcome.  The best thing though about my mom is that she loved being a mom....she was how I knew Mary must be like ...that's what she showed me....that love..understanding and kindness only mothers have....that joy, laughter and tears you can only share with a Mom....the special things I think go with being a mom.  Today...I want to thank God for giving me a mom that is so special...and a special prayer for all the mom's for without you...we would not be...Thanks...I love you MOM...even if you will never see are the best.... 

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