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Monday, March 8, 2010

Do you need some encouragement this Lent?

We are three weeks into Lent and I am wondering how well we are doing with our lenten resolutions?  Have we just tossed them aside because we forgot or didn't live up to our own expectations?  Well this week, God gives us encouragement with the story of the fig tree.  If you reread this, the owner wants to just cut it down, as it did not produce fruit in the first three years.  But the gardener says," Let me fertilize and till the soil around its roots...if it does not produce fruit next year you can then cut it down".  Can't you hear God saying, "you still have time to get can still change the things you need to change....just fertilize...(prayer and fast) ....prune the branches...(cut away what is causing you to stay away from God)...and till the soil....(Keep coming back..again and again..)  You see God is the gardener and the real question is not what you haven't done...but when  will you have "fruit"........ soon?

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