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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yesterday we went to the cave where St. Benedict lived for three years.  There was a deep, respectful hush over all of us as we walked around this holy, "Sacro Speco"  This is where St. Benedict prayed and developed his Holy Rule.

What a powerful place.  We celebrated mass in a chapel across from this "Sacro Speco" and words cannot describe the feelings we all had.

Fr. Michael and I before you enter the monastery on this wonderful and scenic hill.

St Benedict is said to have lived in Subiaco some 20 years before going to Monte Cassino.  History says that some 12 monasteries have their start from very few remain.  Authors such as Cassian, St Jerome of Egypt and Palestine describe many of these in their writings. 

On this terrace is St. Benedicts's Garden of Roses in honor of two great saints, St. Benedict and St. Francis.

Looking from the rose-garden one can see all the outside of the shrine, irregular walls, arches and the tower from where St. Romanus let food down to the young hermit.

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