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Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Lives should be a constant Lent.....

The Rule of Benedict in Chapter 49 begins by instructing us that our life should be a constant Lent.  We are encouraged to increase our "measure of giving" to more private prayer, lectio, and alms to the poor.  Monks are to also deny themselves some sleep, drink, food and unnecessary talk as a way of preparing for the Easter season.  It is a time to retreat into the wilderness with Jesus and take a spiritual inventory of our self.  It is a period of self denial in food, sleep, and the extras than can cause us to loose sight of what our lives as "Monks" ought to be...lives of service to one another.  As we enter into this holy season....walk and pray in the wilderness with Jesus.  Contemplate your life....the good, the bad and yes even the ugly....This is time to recommit, to do the spring cleaning of your soul ....for Lent is a journey of ongoing conversion and new beginnings. 

     May you all have a Blessed and grace filled Lenten journey....

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