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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Feast of Saint Scholastica

Today we celebrated the Feast of St. Scholastica.  Little is really known of this patron saint of "nuns" but as Fr. Michael so nicely put it this morning....she said a lot with the meaning of her actions more than the actions herself. It is this ideal of prayer, holy conversation and attaining a balance in the spiritual life that makes Scholastica so endearing to so many.  It is the simple things we do everyday that she did with grace.  Today we celebrated .....her life and our lives.

The Sisters from Korea sang a beautiful song about a flower in their homeland.  It was so gentle and pretty. 

Sr. Caritas (the second from the left) is my classmate and in my study group...

As with every party....we ate, drank, talked....and did it all over again...

To the left are my classmates (priests and brothers included) and the sisters doing what every household does at a party....congregate around the food.

I will attempt tomorrow to put a video on with the sisters of this community singing.  They have angelic voices and it was very touching.  Until then...may you be blessed today and everyday....

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