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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Its Beginning to look alot like Christmas

Around the monastery, we are beginning to decorate.  We had a beautiful  Advent day of reflection and Christmas is just around the bend.  Like most families, we have fun decorating the many trees that are in the common areas like our community room, dining room and halls.   The chapel will be the last to get a make over in preparation for Christmas day.

Sisters Mercedes and Dolores put some ornaments on the tree.

In addition to decorating, we are having 9 pounds of deer sausage made and smoked for Christmas morning.  This is a local tradition but my mouth waters just thinking about it.  The other 40 pounds will be smoked after Christmas when there is a little more time.

Another tradition, is homemade Raisin  Bread.  It is a sweet dough with lots of the raisins mixed through...toasted with lots of butter....

I wonder how I ever waited for all this good stuff when I was younger? 

God has graced us with the white stuff to make the traditional "White Christmas" picture almost complete.

Like all good children...we now must wait for the coming of our Savior...

Until Christmas...don't be nice.

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